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Every business starts as an idea in someone’s head. We know this because we’ve been that ‘someone’ plenty of times before.

At IdeaHQ we’re constantly on the lookout for new trends and ideas, both here in

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Great ideas don’t have to come from within the four walls of IdeaHQ. We love to partner with inspiring people who are running with their ideas and simply ‘giving it a crack’.

We’ve done a

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What’s better than going solo? Doing it as a team! Over the years, IdeaHQ has partnered with a bunch of corporates like Fairfax, APN and Warehouse Group to turn big ideas into even bigger businesses.


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Started Partnered


Neighbourly is designed to foster interaction and conversations between neighbours.  We started this business in 2014 and successfully sold and integrated it with Fairfax Media in 2018.

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Our first business launched from the bedroom in Feb 2004.  Successfully sold to APN News & Media and then onto Yellow Pages Group in 2008.

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One of our most well known success stories – NZ’s favourite daily deal site launched in July 2010.  After rapid growth to $100m sales and 140 people we exited in March 2013.

Started Partnered Exited

This business started after Shane bought a dog, called Cooper.  What followed was a fantastic business that we are very proud of.  Partnered with Warehouse Group then sold to Petstock in 2016.



Invested in this business in October 2012.  We continue to provide technology advice to the amazing team at Generate as they continue to grow and provide the best Kiwisaver platform.


Brothers Beer

Who doesn’t want to own your own beer, especially if its just around the corner from the office.  Invested in August 2018 and are working with the great guys at Brothers on their technology stack.



Goody is revolutionising the loyalty market one business at a time.  First investing in 2014 IdeaHQ continue to work with the team as we expand worldwide.


Designer Wardrobe

IdeaHQ first invested in DW in 2015.  Since then we have worked with the team to build DW into NZ’s largest dedicated Fashion Rental platform.  The journey has just begun…



We invested in Kegstar in its earliest formation and worked with the amazing team to build kegstar into a global keg pooling company.  We exited this business in 2016.


Riot Wine Co

Join the movement – don’t settle on bad wine – have a Riot.  We did in 2017 and have loved every moment.  IdeaHQ continues to work with the team to revolutionise the wine industry.


Investing in in early 2015 we continue to support the great team behind this business to change the way NZ views real estate.

Started Exited


We co-founded GrownUps in 2006.  NZ’s largest lifestyle magazine and social club dedicated to the active ‘slightly more mature’​ crowd.


Every business starts out as an idea. But not every idea turns into something that works.

IdeaHQ is where big ideas are born and become big opportunities. Spearheaded by New Zealand entrepreneur Shane Bradley, the IdeaHQ team has created and invested in some of Australasia’s best businesses, both online and offline. We’ve started some incredible businesses of our own, invested in other peoples’ big ideas and partnered with other companies of all shapes and sizes to turn some seriously awesome ideas into big opportunities – and big money.

What started out as a single crazy idea in a bedroom in 2004 has become a number of fantastic businesses that continue to grow and flourish. It might sound easy but we’ve gone through all the trials and tribulations any new business goes through – including our fair share of failures. But, we’re also proof that with the right motivation, the right people on your side and a tonne of hard work, any good idea is worth pursuing.

And we reckon that sounds like a good idea too.



Shane Bradley

Chief Idea Man

Shane is the driving force behind IdeaHQ. Lots of his ideas are crazy … but a few of them have worked.

Mikey McLellan

Master of Technology

If it wasn’t for Mikey, we’d still be building websites in MS Publisher. Mikey takes Shane’s crazy ideas and makes them work. Like, actually work.

Leo Rimmer

Pixel Magician

When we want stuff to look good, Leo makes magic happen. He turns Shane’s ideas and Mikey’s functionality into websites that people actually want to visit.

Richard Pocock

Idea Amplifier

Richard is a master of the internet. He tells the world about all the good work we do via email, SEO, SEM, internet marketing and pretty much anything else vaguely technical.

Damask Littin

The Voice of Reason

Without Damask, literally nothing would happen. Her superpowers include getting shit that needs doing done, wrangling people and making sure the beer fridge is always stocked.


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