Every business starts as an idea in someone’s head. We know this because we’ve been that ‘someone’ plenty of times before.

At IdeaHQ we’re constantly on the lookout for new trends and ideas, both here in New Zealand and right across the globe. Brainstorming ideas is what we do best, and no idea is stupid. We like to think outside the square while solving the most common problems with the simplest of solutions.

We reckon that successful businesses are built on rapid execution done at precise speed and with the right people on your side. We’re not afraid to take an idea and run with it either. Our most well-known success, GrabOne, went from an idea to a fully-fledged business in just four weeks, and within three years we’d cracked $100 million in sales.

We’re proud of the businesses we’ve started and we can’t wait to start the ones that are still in our heads. Watch this space because more ventures are always marinating.